Urbs Salvia

urbs salvia

Urbs Salvia was a city of Augustan V Regio, situated on a strategic location at the intersection of two main roads, one of which linked Firmum (modern Fermo) with Septempeda (modern San Severino Marche) and the other one linked Ricina (modern Macerata) with Ausculum (modern Ascoli Piceno).


Terra d’origine di importanti personaggi dell’impero che non mancarono di ornarla con monumenti importanti. Distrutta dai Visigoti nella prima metà del V secolo d.C. Urbs Salvia venne abbandonata e l’abitato si spostò dalle pendici della sommità della collina.

The archaeological park

The park covers an area of 40 hectares and it's one of the most important and beautiful archaeological site of the Marches region.

It's a one kilometer easy walk among stunning ruins. This is a great example of a city dating from Imperial Rome period, where visitors can get acquainted with Roman civilization.

Itinerary starts from the National Archaeological Museum, where all artifacts have been displayed so far. Past the Museum, we get into the area of ancient Cisterns and Tank, that supplied the city with fresh water through two tunnels.

A little bit lower there's one of the largest Italian theatre of antiquity, actually the only one saving parts of painted plaster, and right below we have a building with "nicchioni" (large niches) forming a scenic connection between the overlaying theatre and the Forum.

Down the hill we have sacred area with two temples. Major temple has a crypto-portico and an underground corridor with frescoes showing scenes of the Augustan propaganda and others with animals alternating to lunar masks.

Following the impressive walls that are five mt high at some edges, we get to the amazingly preserved Amphitheatre which was built by Lucius Flavius Silva Nonus Bassus for gladiator games to the end of the I century AD.

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Opening Hours

From 16 June to 15 Sept: 7 days a week, from 10.30am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm

From 16 Sept to 31 Oct: on weekends and holidays, from 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm

From 1 Nov to 28 Feb: on weekends and holidays, from 10am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 4.30pm

From 1 March to 14 June: on weekends and holidays, from 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm


Ticket price: Full € 7 - Reduced € 5

Rocca Medioevale is included.

Free entry: children under 10, people with functional diversity and those who accompany.


+39 0733.202942



SUNSET: VI century AD


REGION: Marche

PROVINCE: Macerata

MANAGEMENT: Soprintendenza per i beni archeologici delle Marche



How to get to Urbs Salvia


Ancona is the nearest station of National railway network. It's linked with many cities across Marche region, such as Urbisaglia, Sforzecosta and Civitanova Marche, by local train network. Train stations are linked with the archaeological site by bus. Nearest bus stop is Urbisaglia 1 at 3 minutes walk. Bus network is managed by CONTRAM MOBILITÁ.


Bus network links main cities across Marche region with the archaeological site. Visit CONTRAM MOBILITÁ website to look at timetables and routes.


From Ancona: following motorway Adriatica A14 up to Tolentino, exit Macerata Ovest, continuing on SS78 and then SS83 until Traversa Piccinini.

From Milan: take motorway A1 and go on for 189 kilometers. At the junction, take A14 continuing towards Tolentino and take the exit at Macerata Ovest. Keep driving on SS78 and then on SS83 until you get Traversa Piccinini.

From Rome: take A1/E35. At Terni take SS3 and keep driving until you get SS77. Take the exit at Tolentino Est. Follow to SP125 and SP41 in the direction of Traversa Piccinini.