veduta del parco archeologico di Egnazia


Archaeological park of Gnatia is one of the most significant site in the whole region of Apulia. It’s on the beautiful coastline between Monopoli and Savelletri which contains evidence dating from  the Bronze Age and Middle Ages. It was a thriving center of trade and commerce, mainly thanks to the presence of the port and the Via Traiana

canne della battaglia

Canne della Battaglia

Canne della Battaglia is one of the most important archaeological sites in Apulia not far from the municipalities of Barletta, Canosa di Puglia and Andria. It rises on the right bank of Aufidus river where the ancient city of Cannae was settled centuries ago. The name is taken from the popular Battle of Cannae in the 216 BC, one of the most famous of the Second Punic War.

basilica di san leucio canosa di puglia


Canosa is a fascinating town and it has a story to tell that is thousand years long. In this city there are very ancient remains from prehistory, treasures from the sepulchers of the Daunians, something from the world of the ancient Greek and also the proofs of Roman power.

roca vecchia lecce

Roca Vecchia

Settlement of Roca Vecchia rised on a cliff by the sea on the Adriatic coastline at a few miles from Otranto. It was inhabited from the II millennium BC. Indeed it has history and important records of archaeological interest.