Augusta Bagiennorum

Jiulia Augusta Bagiennorum is the name given by the Romans to an ancient center founded by the Ligurian Bagienni, a people that occupied the territory between the Po and the Panaro. To the ancient center a colony founded by the Romans would have been superimposed, around 25 a.C. The ancient city is located about 2 km from the modern town of Bene Vagienna.

colonia romana di industria


The roman town of Industria, was not particularly big and was not involved as protagonist in great historic events, but has an interesting peculiarity in a cultural and religious prospective. It hosted a temple of Isis and Serapes, Egyptian gods that fascinated the romans who decided to adopt their cult.



Libarna is an ancient Roman city on the banks of the Scrivia. Located near a road artery and a railway junction, it still maintains its strategic position as it was during the Imperial age when it was on the Postumia road, an important commercial and traffic artery.