Sentinum is one of the most important archaeological site in Marche. At first glance, you can have a view of the ancient city that is collocated in an area where there has not been construction in modern age and so the urban planning is still visible, with its streets and some remains of important buildings.

parco archeologico cupra marittima

Cupra Marittima

Cupra Marittima has a magnificent and propserous past, as an important center of commerce during the Roman age. The precious frescos are a proof of the strong bond between this city the sea, and the myth, and the architectural remains are interesting because they represent the vitality of Cupra Marittima.

parco archeologico urbs salvia

Urbs Salvia

Urbs Salvia was a land of origin of important figures of the empire who did not fail to adorn it with important monuments. Destroyed by the Visigoths in the first half of the 5th century AD Urbs Salvia was abandoned and the town moved from the slopes of the top of the hill.

mosaici della villa romana dei Coiedii a Suasa Senonum

Suasa Senonum

There are many interesting and varied remains of the roman city of Suasa, and in the middle of them sick out one of the most significant domus in Italy, the domus Coiedii, that is typical example of the structure of this type of building and it is rich of fine and technically accurate mosaics and frescos. And it also is notable the biggest amphitheater in Marche.

veduta del parco archeologico di Potentia e dei suoi scavi


Among the things to see near Porto Recanati, do not miss the traces of the ancient colony of Potentia: a dip in the Roman past, among colonnades, frescoes and mosaics.