veduta del foro romano di Zuglio, antica Iulium Carnicum

Iulium Carnicum

The small town of Zuglio, enclosed in the setting of the Carnic Alps, preserves important traces of its Roman past. Here you can admire the well-preserved forum of the ancient Iulium Carnicum.

aquileia romana


Aquileia was one of the most important cities of Roman Empire in the Mediterranean sea. Until the year 1751 it even hosted a Patriarchate and it was the core from which Christianity has been spreading in the Central Europe all along Middle Ages. It’s one of the most important archaeological site of the North of Italy and it was included in UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998.

villa romana di torre

Roman Villa of Torre

Torre, fraction of Pordenone, is the point in which you can discover the remains of the Roman history, most of all the places in this area. In particular, you can found an ancient villa, surrounded by a park, that is an example of the fine construction in the roman provinces in I century B.C.