porto di classe

Port of Classe

Roman port of Classe was one of the most important port for docking in the ancient world. It was at the mouth of the canal-port at about 4 km from the city of Ravenna. In the V century it was at its height right when Civitas Classis – of which Ravenna was the capital – became a main center with an access to the sea both for trading and military activities.

kainua marzabotto


Kainua, was an ancient Etruscan city built on the Pian di Misano and on the rise of Misanello, in the territory of the current municipality of Marzabotto. It was one of the most important city-states of the Etruscan region, together with Felsina (nowadays Bologna) and Spina.

velleia romana


Roman Veleia is one of the main archaeological site in Emilia Romagna and one of the major ancient Roman site in the north of Italy. The city was a flourishing Roman town. The area has been inhabited since Iron age, then Romans snatched it from Ligurian people who has settled there.

parco di travo

Neolithic Village of Travo

The St. Andrea Neolithic village is spread near river Trebbia in the province of Piacenza and it’s one of the main settlements from the Late Neolithic in northern Italy. We are speaking about settlements dating from about 6000 years ago!

Monte Bibele

A visit to the area of Monte Bibele is a particular experience, because there is the union of the natural dimension, and the archaeological one. It is about walking in the woods, in an uncontaminated area, where the ancient found a connection with the divinity.