area archeologica di serra di vaglio

Serra di Vaglio

The Serra di Vaglio site welcomes visitors with its mighty walls and a splendid example of experimental restoration, the house of the Pithoi. A meeting place between the Italic civilization and the Greek presence. Not far away, in Rossano di Vaglio, the sanctuary of the goddess Mefitis.



Territory of Metapontum is the most important archaeological site in Basilicata. It’s worth a visit indeed, if you are around here.
Greek colonists coming from Achaea in the VII century BC settled down the city on the space made of rich soil between the rivers Bradanus and Casuentus.


Heraclea (Herakleia)

Heraclea (Herakleia) was a Greek colony rised on a hill between the mouth of rivers Agri and Simni. Some of the remains are still visible like fortifications built from row briks and few little sacred sites.



Venosa is considered one of the most beautiful burghs in Italy, and it is set on the hills in Basilicata, and it preserves splendid monuments of its past, so that it feels like being surrounded by a medieval atmosphere. Before this epoch, Venosa was already un important roman city