menhir delle sepolture della necropoli di fossa

Necropolis of Fossa

At a glance, the necropolis of Fossa amazes for the decorative arrangement of the tombs that compose it, positioned as if they followed a geometric pattern. It is called the “small Stonehenge of Abruzzo” and the burials cover nearly 1000 years of history.

veduta del parco archeologico di Corfinio


Corfinium was an ancient city founded by the Peligni people right in the center of the peninsula. We could say that Italy was born in its territory: in fact, the name “Italica” and then later “Italy” was used to refer to this city, chosen by the Italics as the capital of their league against Rome at the time of the social war in the first century B.C

resti nell'area archeologica di aiternum


A few kilometers away from L’Aquila, in the open and uncontaminated countryside, you can see a part of the ancient romans’ world: the site of Amiternum with its great theater and an amphitheater.

anfiteatro di alba fucens

Alba Fucens

Alba Fucens fu una colonia latina fondata dai Romani nel 304 a.C., nel territorio degli Equi, a ridosso di quello occupato dai Marsi, in una posizione strategica a nord del fiume Fucino e in un contesto paesaggistico molto suggestivo. Dopo essere rimasta sepolta per anni sotto il gruppo montuoso del Velino, la città d’Alba fu riscoperta nel 1949 grazie a una campagna di scavi

parco archeol


The archaeological park of Iuvanum is a hidden place to discover. You do not have the expectation to found a wide historical area, in the middle of the countryside in Abruzzo, and it is impressive to see this place, that looks like a picture, a window to the past, where important remains stick out in the nature.