ruins of pompeii


The ancient Pompeii is a magical place. It’s worth seeing at least once in your life. It was buried in lava from the Vesuvius volcano in AD 79, so it’s an exciting experience to visit the city and full of vibes. Pompeii was at the top of its vitality and magnificence, when the ash started to rain down covering the whole city within few minutes in about 20 feet of volcanic material.

Terme di Baia Bacoli

Bath of Baia

The archaeological park of Baia stands out not only for the important remains of Roman civilization, but also for the beauty of the environment and landscape. You can see the Baths in a unique landscape, and with a view of the Golfo di Bacoli, where you can found a sort of “Roman Atlantis” that is a part of the ancient city of Baia, which was submerged by the sea.



The ancient Greek city of Cumae is the oldest colony throughout the West. It was settled after the occupation of Ischia island. Closely linked to the myth of the Sibilla Cumana, it was a rich and prestigious center in the ancient world: Greek culture spread throughout the Italian peninsula from here carrying calciter alphabet which therefore was taken in by Etruscans and Latins.