Archaeological sites of the Roman Time

Browse the map below to view all the archaeological sites and parks of Italy dating back to the Ancient Romans period.

There is evidence of Roman occupation all over the Italian peninsula - from North to South - both in large and small urban centres. Between amphitheaters, theaters and holes .. a truly magical journey into the Empire.

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Ancient Roman colony named Ostia is one of the largest archaeological site dating back to ancient Rome, looking at the remains that can be found close to modern Ostia. Ancient traditions date its foundation to 620 BC by the hand of the fourth king of Rome, Anco Marzio, for reasons linked to the exploitation of the salt marshes placed at the mouth of the Tiber…

It's a magical place in the center of the city of Rome and one of the most beautiful road in the world. It will drive you far back in past times. The route runs from the Coliseum to piazza Venezia. Walking through fragments, columns and temples remains, that were once the core of the Roman Empire, it's a unique experience.…

Aquileia was one of the most important cities of Roman Empire in the Mediterranean sea. Until the year 1751 it even hosted a Patriarchate and it was the core from which Christianity has been spreading in the Central Europe all along Middle Ages. It's one of the most important archaeological site of the North of Italy and it was included in UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998.…