Archaeological sites of the Roman Time

Browse the map below to view all the archaeological sites and parks of Italy dating back to the Ancient Romans period.

There is evidence of Roman occupation all over the Italian peninsula - from North to South - both in large and small urban centres. Between amphitheaters, theaters and holes .. a truly magical journey into the Empire.

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Colosseum is certainly the most famous monument in the ancient world, and has been watching over the city of Rome for almost two thousand years. Its bricks and its travertine slabs are the symbol of the city but also of the entire Roman civilization. It is the largest amphitheater in the ancient world with a capacity of over 50,000 spectators.…

The ancient Pompeii is a magical place. It’s worth seeing at least once in your life. It was buried in lava from the Vesuvius volcano in AD 79, so it’s an exciting experience to visit the city and full of vibes. Pompeii was at the top of its vitality and magnificence, when the ash started to rain down covering the whole city within few minutes in about 20 feet of volcanic material.…

The small town of Zuglio, enclosed in the setting of the Carnic Alps, preserves important traces of its Roman past. Here you can admire the well-preserved forum of the ancient Iulium Carnicum.…