Archaeological sites in Calabria

Calabria has been inhabited since Prehistory and one of the oldest evidence of human presence is "Bos primigenius", a graffito found inside "Grotta del Romito" at Papasidero dated around 9.500 BC. A lot of Paleolithic sites were found here instead of Neolithic of which were found traces of huts and  necropolis.

Due to its geographical location Calabria is always been a continuing migrations area full of different populations always on fight to overcome so the region had been changing its name after every new settlement.

Greek settlement in Calabria started around VIII Century BC all along the coastline. Greeks found so many settlements that were often on fight between each other and someone even found new sub-settlements.

Lucanians descendants of Samnites settled on Tyrrhenian sea side around V Century BC and after about ten years they even overcome on Greeks' settlements nearby. The other constant threat under wich Greeks lived were Bruzi settled to the South.

They both lined up against Rome but with no success and when Roman Empire begun to rise started also the decline of this region.

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Locri Epizefiri was a city of Magna Graecia founded by Greeks from Locride. Inside the archaeological area it is possible to admire the remains of this ancient city and take a step back in time of several centuries. The walls set up to defend the town stretched for 7 kilometers and is still visible in some points, outside the walls there are the necropolis...…

The archaeological park is placed in Capo Colonna, after which it's named, and covers an area of 50 hectares, 30 of which being intended for escavations and the remaining 20 occupied by woods and Mediterranean forest. Great Heraion Lakinion, one of the most important sacred area of Magna Graecia, rised right here with a sanctury actually devoted to goddess Hera Lacinia at its center.…

Laos is an ancient Greek city that was an important colony of Sybaris. In the area of Santa Maria del Cedro, known as "Riviera dei Cedri" is the hill of Bartolo. Here the remains of the ancient Greek settlement were found. According to historical sources, the city was founded by some Sybarite settlers who escaped the destruction of their city…