Prehistoric archaeological sites

Browse the map below to view archaeological sites and parks of Italy dated back to the most ancient human settlements discovered in our peninsula so far. We’ve been enclosed these sites in the wide category of Prehistory. Some traces of human presence date back between Paleolithic to approximately Metallic Age.

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The Riparo Dalmeri is immersed in the wonderful woods of the Asiago and Marcesina plateau. A walk in this magnificent natural setting offers the unique possibility of going back in time to 13,000 years, discovering one of the rare examples of a Paleolithic mountain site.…

Romito’s Cave it's a masterpiece of Prehistory. It’s a small cave inside a limestone cliff near River Lao, which hosted a Prehistoric community for ages and a great artist indeed. In fact, a beautiful graffito was found here carved on a big rock by expert hand, dating back to Upper Paleolithic around 12 thousand years ago. It represents the Bos Primigenius which was a real catch among prehistoric hunters.…

Balzi Rossi is a popular prehistoric site since the 1800s due to the significant findings. It’s a few metres from shore at the bottom of a red limestone wall with coves and grottos. From these caves have been recovered manufacturers made of bones and stone, fireplaces, burials and animal remains dating from Lower Paleolithic to latest Prehistory.…

A visit to Fumane Cave is like a jump back in time, to 90 000 years ago. It is one of the most ancient and important shelter used in Paleolithic, at the dawn of humanity. The exploration of the inner part of the Grotta is fascinating for two reasons: because it is a way to investigate the last tracks of the life and culture of the Neanderthals, and also because it shows the beginning of the civilization of the Homo sapiens...…

The St. Andrea Neolithic village is spread near river Trebbia in the province of Piacenza and it’s one of the main settlements from the Late Neolithic in northern Italy. We are speaking about settlements dating from about 6000 years ago!…

In Toirano there is an extraordinary ensemble of caves, important both from a naturalistic and historical point of view. There are spectacular decorations made of stalactites and stalagmites and also some of the most ancient prehistorical remains from 300 000 years ago. The caves are famous for being the largest cave bear graveyard in Europe and one of the very few sites where have been found remains of Homo Heidelbergensis, an archaic relative of Homo Sapiens, and also of Neanderthals.…