Archaeological sites of phoenician civilization

Browse the map below to view all sites and archaeological parks of Italy where Phoenicians lived. They mainly settled in west Sicily and southern Sardinia. The Phoenicians were the major commercial power in the Mediterranean Sea throughout the first half of the first millennium BC. and in Italy they founded numerous colonies on the coast.

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Tharros was a city founded by Phoenicians in the VIII century BC, pretty close to a nuragic village from Bronze Age called "Su muru mannu" that means "the great wall". In the middle of the wall has been fitted the tophet, a Punic-Phoenician sanctuary with no ceiling where people's ashes were buried.…

Nora is an ancient city up on the highland of Capo di Pula shot from land by an isthmus. The town is ovelooked by an old Spanish tower named Coltellazzo deeped in a charming beautiful landscape. It was once a Phoenician-Punic settlement, then it became a Roman dominion…

Motya is an ancient Phoenician colony founded in the VIII century BC on one of the four islands in the lagoon of Stagnone, San Pantaleo island.It was an important trading center as well as most of the other Phoenician colonies and an important place too for docking in the Mediterranean basin.…