Nora is an ancient city up on the highland of Capo di Pula shot from land by an isthmus. The town is ovelooked by an old Spanish tower named Coltellazzo deeped in a charming beautiful landscape. It was once a Phoenician-Punic settlement, then it became a Roman dominion.


The archaeological site of Nora

Remains of the Roman buildings are what's left of the city, but two housing  districts from Phoenician period are still visible. First is right next to the beach and the second one is up on Tanit hill. Near the beach as well were found some ancient fragments of ceramics dating from Rhodian, Protocorintium and Nuragic manufacturing, according to experts.

Up on Tanit hill were found evidence of Phoenician  Punic techniques for building used until Roman period. And also two Punic necropoleis and some religious areas spread through the archaeological site. In the middle of isthmus there's the third necropolis dating back to Phoenician period. Near necropolis, planted in the sand probably in the IV century BC, there's the city Tophet and  just right back it rises the church of St. Efisio built many centuries later.

Dating from Imperial Rome period are the Minor and the Central thermal baths, macellum, theatre, forum, some house districts and the temple of Eshmun - Esculapius, the guardian God of medicine.

The most of relics which were found here are on-display at the Civic Archaeological Museum of "Giovanni Patroni" in Pula.

Visiting Nora will be like a journey into the past deeped in a splendid natural environment!

Imagine Copyright: By Clemensfranz - Own work, CC BY 2.5


Opening Hours

From last Sunday of Oct. to 15 Feb: 10am to 5.30pm

From 16 Feb to the last Saturday of March: 10am to 6 pm

From last Sunday of March to 30 Sept: 10am to 8pm

From 1st of Oct tothe last Sunday of the month: 10am to 6.30pm

Last entrance is allowed until one hour before closing time.

Guided tours to Coltellazzo tower at any hour from 11.15am to 6.15pm


Ticket price (cumulative ticket Nora+Coltellazzo tower): Full €7,50 - Reduced (6–14 years old children and School groups): €4,50

Groups (min. 20 persons. Booking is required): €6,50





CIVILIZATION: Phoenicians/Punic/Romans

REGION: Sardinia

PROVINCE: Cagliari



How to get to Pula Sardegna


There's a bus to Pula that comes every hour at Cagliari bus station. (Take the following bus-line:  Cagliari-Sant’Anna Arresi of A.R.S.T. company). A shuttle bus service called "pollicino" is  also available from Pula to Nora. It's a ten-minutes run to final destination. Check timetables here.


Coming from port or airport: you follow SS 195 to Teulada. At Km 27  turn left  and  follow street signs to Pula. Past the city center proceed on via Nora and then keep driving for 3 Km until you get to the archaeological site.