Map of ancient Italy sites

There’s plenty of archaeological sites in Italy. Artistic, cultural and architectonic heritage is still amazing people due to its wideness and diversity. It reflects thousands years of our peninsula’s history. Indeed it was inhabited since Paleolithic begins.

Italy can be hypothetically divided in some archaeological macro-areas, if you step back history considering the biggest Mediterranean civilizations that left the most monumental evidence.

From North to South of our peninsula ancient Romans left evidence of their presence anywhere.

Speaking of northern Italy, There’s also evidence of Celtics and Longobards transit  in Lombardy and in Liguria as well as prehistoric and protohistoric sites.

Another important area in Central Italy is the ancient Etruria placed among Tuscany, Lazio and Emila-Romagna Is to be noted the originality of Nuragic civilization of Sardinia as well as the traces of ancient Italics peoples like Daunians, Messapians, Picentes that you’ll find in Southern Italy.

But there’s no doubt the most emotional traces of the South Italy are those sites dated back to Magna Grecia times. The remains of Hellenic civilization are still now visible here like temples and sacred areas considered unique in this world.

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It's a magical place in the center of the city of Rome and one of the most beautiful road in the world. It will drive you far back in past times. The route runs from the Coliseum to piazza Venezia. Walking through fragments, columns and temples remains, that were once the core of the Roman Empire, it's a unique experience.…

Selinunte is definitely one of the best archaeological location in the world. It raises on an highland on the sea. It’s named after Selinon, the wild parsley widespread in the whole area, as much symbolic of the town as to be replicated on coins.…

Valley of the Temples is over thousand years old and covers 1300 hectares. It's the largest archaeological site in the world and it's in a wonderful state of preservation. The area was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1997.…

Territory of Metapontum is the most important archaeological site in Basilicata. It’s worth a visit indeed, if you are around here. Greek colonists coming from Achaea in the VII century BC settled down the city on the space made of rich soil between the rivers Bradanus and Casuentus.…

Aquileia was one of the most important cities of Roman Empire in the Mediterranean sea. Until the year 1751 it even hosted a Patriarchate and it was the core from which Christianity has been spreading in the Central Europe all along Middle Ages. It's one of the most important archaeological site of the North of Italy and it was included in UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998.…

Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri, known locally as Necropoli della Banditaccia, is the main burials’ area of the ancient Etruscan city of Caere and one of the most impressive and magnificent necropolis of all Etruria and Mediterranean basin.…