Map of ancient Italy sites

There’s plenty of archaeological sites in Italy. Artistic, cultural and architectonic heritage is still amazing people due to its wideness and diversity. It reflects thousands years of our peninsula’s history. Indeed it was inhabited since Paleolithic begins.

Italy can be hypothetically divided in some archaeological macro-areas, if you step back history considering the biggest Mediterranean civilizations that left the most monumental evidence.

From North to South of our peninsula ancient Romans left evidence of their presence anywhere.

Speaking of northern Italy, There’s also evidence of Celtics and Longobards transit  in Lombardy and in Liguria as well as prehistoric and protohistoric sites.

Another important area in Central Italy is the ancient Etruria placed among Tuscany, Lazio and Emila-Romagna Is to be noted the originality of Nuragic civilization of Sardinia as well as the traces of ancient Italics peoples like Daunians, Messapians, Picentes that you’ll find in Southern Italy.

But there’s no doubt the most emotional traces of the South Italy are those sites dated back to Magna Grecia times. The remains of Hellenic civilization are still now visible here like temples and sacred areas considered unique in this world.

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Laos is an ancient Greek city that was an important colony of Sybaris. In the area of Santa Maria del Cedro, known as "Riviera dei Cedri" is the hill of Bartolo. Here the remains of the ancient Greek settlement were found. According to historical sources, the city was founded by some Sybarite settlers who escaped the destruction of their city…

Roman Veleia is one of the main archaeological site in Emilia Romagna and one of the major ancient Roman site in the north of Italy. The city was a flourishing Roman town. The area has been inhabited since Iron age, then Romans snatched it from Ligurian people who has settled there.…

Ventimiglia do not hide the marks of its past: as soon as you get in the city, you can easily found the part that belongs to the ancient romans. As the matter of facts, one of the most important streets in the modern city is the roman Via Aurelia and it is fascinating to found a theatre well preserved and that has its original shape completely definite.…

There are many interesting and varied remains of the roman city of Suasa, and in the middle of them sick out one of the most significant domus in Italy, the domus Coiedii, that is typical example of the structure of this type of building and it is rich of fine and technically accurate mosaics and frescos. And it also is notable the biggest amphitheater in Marche.…

Canosa is a fascinating town and it has a story to tell that is thousand years long. In this city there are very ancient remains from prehistory, treasures from the sepulchers of the Daunians, something from the world of the ancient Greek and also the proofs of Roman power.…

A visit to Fumane Cave is like a jump back in time, to 90 000 years ago. It is one of the most ancient and important shelter used in Paleolithic, at the dawn of humanity. The exploration of the inner part of the Grotta is fascinating for two reasons: because it is a way to investigate the last tracks of the life and culture of the Neanderthals, and also because it shows the beginning of the civilization of the Homo sapiens...…