Map of ancient Italy sites

There’s plenty of archaeological sites in Italy. Artistic, cultural and architectonic heritage is still amazing people due to its wideness and diversity. It reflects thousands years of our peninsula’s history. Indeed it was inhabited since Paleolithic begins.

Italy can be hypothetically divided in some archaeological macro-areas, if you step back history considering the biggest Mediterranean civilizations that left the most monumental evidence.

From North to South of our peninsula ancient Romans left evidence of their presence anywhere.

Speaking of northern Italy, There’s also evidence of Celtics and Longobards transit  in Lombardy and in Liguria as well as prehistoric and protohistoric sites.

Another important area in Central Italy is the ancient Etruria placed among Tuscany, Lazio and Emila-Romagna Is to be noted the originality of Nuragic civilization of Sardinia as well as the traces of ancient Italics peoples like Daunians, Messapians, Picentes that you’ll find in Southern Italy.

But there’s no doubt the most emotional traces of the South Italy are those sites dated back to Magna Grecia times. The remains of Hellenic civilization are still now visible here like temples and sacred areas considered unique in this world.

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Hadrian's Villa is the largest villa ever owned by a Roman Emperor. It's a great evidence of Roman architecture in the Imperial age and it’s been acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site since 1999. In the year 117 AD, Roman Emperor Hadrian planned a permission to build on the basement of a previous feature owned by his wife, Vibia Sabina.…

Tharros was a city founded by Phoenicians in the VIII century BC, pretty close to a nuragic village from Bronze Age called "Su muru mannu" that means "the great wall". In the middle of the wall has been fitted the tophet, a Punic-Phoenician sanctuary with no ceiling where people's ashes were buried.…

Soluntum is an ancient Greek city laying on Monte Catalfano in front of Capo Zafferano, in the neighborhood of Palermo. According to Tucidides, it was one of the major Phoenician cities in Sicily. Unfortunately, there are only a few of traces of the Punic settlement The remains of the Greek city are clearly visible.…

Roselle was an ancient town of Etruria that rose on a highland from where it's possible to control over the plain of Grosseto. In olden times the plain was occupied by lake Prile. The shores of the lake were connected to the sea and used by Etruscans as berths.…

Nora is an ancient city up on the highland of Capo di Pula shot from land by an isthmus. The town is ovelooked by an old Spanish tower named Coltellazzo deeped in a charming beautiful landscape. It was once a Phoenician-Punic settlement, then it became a Roman dominion…

Megara Hyblaea, or Megara Iblea, is an ancient Greek colony near Augusta, that used to be by the sea. Today is pherhaps one of the least well-known archaeological park in the whole municipality of Syracuse.…