Archaeological sites of Ancient Italic Civilizations

Browse the map below to view all the archaeological sites and parks of Italy dated back when Ancient Italics Civilizations lived here during the Italian Bronze Age.

Great Civilizations - like Nuragic (Sardinia), Terramare, Camunic, etc. - better spread throughout Sardinia and Central and Northern Italy. In fact the sites are to be found mostly in these regions, as you’ll see on the map.

Use the research to filter the sites per region. Select one single card to view details or just track on the map.

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The archaeological site of Santa Cristina is the principal sacred area of Nuragic Civilizations, and it is a monumental temple with the typical structure of an excavated shaft, and it includes in it a Christian sanctuary that is still used today during religious festival. This fact contributes to create a unique atmosphere of sanctity and syncretism.…