Archaeological sites of Ancient Italic Civilizations

Browse the map below to view all the archaeological sites and parks of Italy dated back when Ancient Italics Civilizations lived here during the Italian Bronze Age.

Great Civilizations - like Nuragic (Sardinia), Terramare, Camunic, etc. - better spread throughout Sardinia and Central and Northern Italy. In fact the sites are to be found mostly in these regions, as you’ll see on the map.

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A visit to the Necropolis of Pantalica, totally surrounded by nature, can bring you back to the bronze age. This area is isolated and totally uncontaminated, and it includes evidences of the most ancient and important prehistoric settlement in eastern Sicily.…

The stone carvings of Camonica Valley are the greatest complex of rock drawings in Europe with approximately 300.000 figures carved on stone walls. The most of petroglyphs were found in the area of Capo di Ponte where National Park of Naquane was settled in the 1958 because of the findings. It's been the first archaeological site in Italy to become a World Heritage protected by UNESCO in the 1979.…

The archaeological area of Golasecca to which Necropolis of Monsorino belongs is a place outside of time. It's plunged in the National park of Ticino with a very special age-old history. This is indeed the only record left of one of the main culture of the Iron Age in Italy, the so called Culture of Golasecca and one of the most important and monumental in northern Italy.…