Archaeological sites of the Greek Time

Browse the map below to view all the archaeological sites and parks of Italy dated back to Ancient Greeks period. As you can see, they are to be found mostly in Southern Italy, which at the time used to be called Magna Grecia. The wonderful Greek temples of Paestum or Agrigento are a heritage that the whole world envies us.

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Locri Epizefiri was a city of Magna Graecia founded by Greeks from Locride. Inside the archaeological area it is possible to admire the remains of this ancient city and take a step back in time of several centuries. The walls set up to defend the town stretched for 7 kilometers and is still visible in some points, outside the walls there are the necropolis...…

Heraclea (Herakleia) was a Greek colony rised on a hill between the mouth of rivers Agri and Simni. Some of the remains are still visible like fortifications built from row briks and few little sacred sites.…

Ancient city of Elea Velia was a wealthy trading center known for its thermal baths benefits, a wise law system and especially for the philosophical school founded by Parmenides who was followed by his pupil Zenone later on. The city was founded by a group of exiles from Grece around the 540 BC close to the spring of river Hyele from which it takes its name.…