Archaeological sites of the Greek Time

Browse the map below to view all the archaeological sites and parks of Italy dated back to Ancient Greeks period. As you can see, they are to be found mostly in Southern Italy, which at the time used to be called Magna Grecia. The wonderful Greek temples of Paestum or Agrigento are a heritage that the whole world envies us.

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Territory of Metapontum is the most important archaeological site in Basilicata. It’s worth a visit indeed, if you are around here. Greek colonists coming from Achaea in the VII century BC settled down the city on the space made of rich soil between the rivers Bradanus and Casuentus.…

Segesta was one of the main cities of Elymian people. They had pretty mainland culture and customs and they originally came from the city of Troy according to tradition. Due to a Hellenise process the city became one of the major urban centres in all of the Mediterranean basin. This fact provided to Segesta the support of Athens and Carthage against the old enemy Selinunnte…

Iaitas (latin "Ietas") was an ancient town in the beautiful upper valley of Jato. Ruins can be found right on top of Monte Iato (852 m above sea level) that looks over the whole valley. The first settlement dates back to the I millennium,…