Fumane Cave

grotta di fumane

A visit to Fumane Cave (Grotta di Fumane) is like a jump back in time, to 90 000 years ago. It is one of the most ancient and important shelter used in Paleolithic, at the dawn of humanity. The exploration of the inner part of the Grotta is fascinating for two reasons: because it is a way to investigate the last tracks of the life and culture of the Neanderthals, and also because it shows the beginning of the civilization of the Homo sapiens, the first anatomically modern humans, our oldest ancestors.



Fumane Cave is a cave used as a shelter in prehistoric age, where the first tracks can be dated 90 000 years ago, but these are related to animals. Human presence is documented by proofs and remains in a period between 60 000 and 25 000 years ago, and after the entrance to the cave was blocked because of a glaciation.

The long period of inhabitation of this cave, the richness of proofs of civilization and the simultaneous presence of elements related to Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens are the reasons why Grotta di Fumane is considered one of the most important and particular archaeological site for prehistory in Europe.

The first ones that occupied this cave were the Neanderthals, and here there are proofs of the last phase of the history of this species that extinguished itself around 40 000 years ago, when the shelter was still used. Then Homo Sapiens arrived, and this cave is one of the most ancient testimonies of its presence in Europe and of the first stages of cultural development of our specie.

Visit Fumane Cave

It is possible to have a guided tour of Grotta di Fumane, for small groups, meant to have the best experience of this visit. There is also a museum, associated to the cave that is integrated and connected to the rock structure of the shelter. In this way it is possible to have immediately more information and explanation about what you can observe in the cave. There are also many signs and detailed captions along the pathway of the visit.

The cave shows the signs of the occupation of Neanderthals and of the Homo Sapiens. The passage between one species to another and the different ages of inhabitation of the cave is highlighted by a very detailed stratigraphy on the rocks, that allows the visitors to understand when the different phases had place, and what happened in them.

It is possible to see remains of fireplaces, and many evidences, objects of everyday life, and bones of animals. The rocky wall inside the shelter is painted with ocher and there are some of the most ancient drawings in the whole history. Some of these graffiti are identified and studied, in particular two of them that are the most visible. The first represents an animal (maybe a Felid or a Mustelid), and the subject of the second one is uncertain: maybe it is a ritual scene, shamanic or some kind of ritual related to hunt, because it seems to shows off a prey.

It is possible to have other experiences associated to Grotta di Fumane, besides the guided tours. There are some organized events where it is possible to visit the cave without reservation. The events are focus on some particular element of history and culture in the Grotta. (It is possible to know what events are organized if you check the official website or the Facebook of the Grotta di Fumane. You can found the links in the section “Information”).

There are also didactic laboratories for groups between 20 to 25 people, for kids and adults, and they are organized to have a deeper knowledge on the prehistorical practices.

Immagini copyright: By Thilo Parg - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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Opening Hours

Grotta di Fumane can be visited only on request, with a guided tour for groups from 10 to 25 people in Italian, English and German.

During summer Sundays it is also possible to take a guided tour without a reservation.


Guided tour reserved:
- Groups to 11 people: 80 €;
- Groups from 12 to 25 people: 7 € each;
- School groups: 5 € each;
Free entrance for people with disability and accompanying person

Guided tour without reservation during summer Sundays:
7 € adults;
5 € student;
Free entrance for people with disability and accompanying person



AGE: Paleolithic
CIVILISATION: Homo Neanderthalis, Homo Sapiens of Aurignacian tradition
REGION: Veneto
ADMINISTRATION: Soprintendenza per i beni archeologici del Veneto


How to get to Fumane Cave

By car: From Verona, the site can be reached by car on SS12 in direction Pescatina, and then continue on SP1 to the destination. Grotta di Fumane is collocate 6 km North from the municipality of Fumane. As soon as you get to Fumane, follow the signs to Molina and after 4 km, there is a cross road, turn right and you get to the entrance of the archaeological site.

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