Selinunte is definitely one of the best archaeological location in the world. It raises on an highland on the sea. It’s named after Selinon, the wild parsley widespread in the whole area, as much symbolic of the town as to be replicated on coins.

valle dei templi di agrigento

Valley of the Temples

Valley of the Temples is over thousand years old and covers 1300 hectares. It’s the largest archaeological site in the world and it’s in a wonderful state of preservation. The area was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1997.

Necropoli di Pantalica


A visit to the Necropolis of Pantalica, totally surrounded by nature, can bring you back to the bronze age. This area is isolated and totally uncontaminated, and it includes evidences of the most ancient and important prehistoric settlement in eastern Sicily.

villa del casale

Villa romana del Casale

The Villa, a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1997, is one of the most important evidence of Roman master’s residence because it’s sophisticated and beautiful. The splendid architecture dates approximately from the first half of IV century but dating of estate is still unclear.



Segesta was one of the main cities of Elymian people. They had pretty mainland culture and customs and they originally came from the city of Troy according to tradition. Due to a Hellenise process the city became one of the major urban centres in all of the Mediterranean basin. This fact provided to Segesta the support of Athens and Carthage against the old enemy Selinunnte

monte jato


Iaitas (latin “Ietas”) was an ancient town in the beautiful upper valley of Jato. Ruins can be found right on top of Monte Iato (852 m above sea level) that looks over the whole valley. The first settlement dates back to the I millennium,



Archaeological site of Morgantina has a significant role in archaeology. It displays a native settlement, then hellenized, which became of great importance for trading at the time. It was located in mainland on an imaginary line connecting the northern coast and the southern coast of the island.

parco archeologico giardini naxos


Naxos is the most ancient Greek colony in Sicily and it’s set in a wonderful scenario, with the perfume of citrus groves (that are the gardens that give the name to the contemporary city), the mouth of river Acalantra, the sea view on the promontory of Taormina, and the Etna in the background.



Soluntum is an ancient Greek city laying on Monte Catalfano in front of Capo Zafferano, in the neighborhood of Palermo. According to Tucidides, it was one of the major Phoenician cities in Sicily. Unfortunately, there are only a few of traces of the Punic settlement The remains of the Greek city are clearly visible.

megara hyblaea

Megara Iblea

Megara Hyblaea, or Megara Iblea, is an ancient Greek colony near Augusta, that used to be by the sea. Today is pherhaps one of the least well-known archaeological park in the whole municipality of Syracuse.