Tharros was a city founded by Phoenicians in the VIII century BC, pretty close to a nuragic village from Bronze Age called "Su muru mannu" that means "the great wall". In the middle of the wall has been fitted the tophet, a Punic-Phoenician sanctuary with no ceiling where people's ashes were buried.


History of Tharros

During VI century BC the town was fortified by Carthaginians, the ruling group at the time. Tharros was also prospering thanks to the active trading with Africa, Iberian Peninsula and the city of Massalia.

In 238 BC it was captured and subdued by Romans who worked hard to upgrade the city making features like Thermal Baths, aqueduct and road network. After Western Roman Empire falling, Tharros had a critical period. First came Vandals, then Byzantine peoples. Raids from tribes of Arabia pushed at last Byzantines to leave Sardinia as well as Tharros now at the mercy of marauders and pirates' incursions. It was abandoned for good around the year 1000.

What you can see in Tharros

We can still admire the tophet and, of course, the improvement works made by Romans.

Close to the archaeological site you can visit the civic museum of "Giovanni Marongiu di Cabras" - where are collected artifacts from Sinis - and the Spanish Tower of S. John.

Opening Hours

From November to March: Tues-Sun from 9.00am to 5.00am

In April, May and October: 7 days a week from 9.00am to 6.00pm

In the months of June, July and September: 7 days a week from 9.00am to 7.00pm

In August: 7 days a week from 9.00am to 8.00pm

Open on public holidays except for December the 25th and January the 1st.


Price per person: 5,00

Groups, over 65 and students  are entitled to reduction. Please visit the web-site to check the list of free entry entitled categories and reduction procedures.

Ticket combos:

Tharros+Saint John Tower - € 6,00

Tharros+Civic Museum Giovanni Marongiu di Cabras - € 8,00

Tharros+Saint John Tower+Civic Museum Giovanni Marongiu di Cabras - € 9,00



SUNSET: XI Century

CIVILIZATION: Phoenicians-Romans

REGION: Sardinia

PROVINCE: Oristano

ADMINISTRATION: Coop. of Sinis Peninsula, Cabras


Hotel near Tharros

Getting there


From Cagliari-Elmas Airport by car: follow street signs to trunk road SS 131 towards Sassari and get exit Oristano Sud-Santa Giusta. Drive through Oristano, then keep going to Cabras and finally follow the signs to the Museum or to the sea.

From Alghero-Fertilia Airport by car: follow the street signs to trunk road SS 291 towards Sassari-CAgliari and then take SS 131 to Cagliari. Take exit North Oristano, then keep driving towards Cabras and finally follow the street signs to the Museum or to the sea.


From Arbatrax port take trunk road SS 389 towards Nuoro. From Nuoro take trunk road SS 131 and keep driving towards Cagliari. Get the exit at North Oristano then follow to Cabras and finally follow the signs to the Museum or to the sea.